Why Sports Nutrition? The Top 4 Reasons Why I Want To Be A Sports Dietitian.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog, which is solely focused around one of my greatest passions in life: Sports Nutrition. You may ask why sports nutrition, there are so many other fields in nutrition like Pediatrics, GI, or Diabetes? Well it was quite a journey getting here. I actually started my college journey in human physiology and it wasn’t until I took a general nutrition required class that I realized how much I loved nutrition. A lot of people don’t know what they exactly want to do when they enter the field of nutrition, so I was incredibly lucky that at an early stage it was clear that sports nutrition was what I wanted to do. I’m going to share with ya’ll the top 4 reasons why I want to be a sports dietitian.

IMG_54661. I have a general passion for sports

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing competitive volleyball for many years while both of my brothers played multiple sports. We were always traveling to attend basketball games or baseball matches. So you could say sports was a normal part of my routine. Nowadays I’m just a fan. My favorite sport is volleyball, and I’m a dedicated University of Texas Longhorn Volleyball fan! My other team that I constantly root for is the San Antonio Spurs.


2. I wish I had a sports dietitian when I was an athlete

Probably one of the most important reasons why I want to be a sports dietitian is because of the lack of nutrition education there is out there for athletes young and old. As a competitive volleyball player, I was always playing in day long tournaments and our parents would create these tables of food for us to eat at in between game. It would have been amazing if a sports dietitian came in to educate us and to educate our parents on how to fuel our performance throughout a long day of games. This actually inspired my masters thesis on elite youth volleyball nutrition education, which I hope to someday utilize when I have my own private practice!

3. To help athletes sort through the mass amount of supplements

There is an insane amount of supplements on the market that use advertising to target athletes. I’m not saying all supplements are bad. I love certain “supplements” like tart cherry juice, a few types of bars, beet root juice, and a few more items. However I think that there is so much out there that athletes need support, and as a sports dietitian I want to help them find the best game plan.

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 7.47.46 PM

4. To help athletes get accurate information

The nutrition field is insane. Every week it feels as if there is a new fad diet coming out by someone who isn’t a dietitian. This becomes a problem especially for athletes because they don’t know where to look for the right information. I definitely experienced this as an athlete looking for ways to lose body fat and build muscle. There are a lot of people that call themselves “nutritionists” who spout a lot of misleading information and have no formal background in nutrition. I want to not only educate about misconceived topics like weight gain, but I also want to educate athletes on what a dietitian is so they know who to trust and go to for accurate information.

I hope you all enjoyed my introduction into sports nutrition! I seriously look forward to sharing my passion for this field with everyone interested in reading. I’m going to be posting about product reviews, recipes, my thoughts on latest sports nutrition trends and research, and of course important topics in the field like hydration. Keep updated with the blog by signing up for emails under the right tab on the top, by following my twitter (@brkawaynutr), and by liking my facebook page (the link is also on the right tab)!




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